(3322) TOUR – Early Morning Fly-out with Dr. Gary Ivey – November 6, 2022

Early morning fly-outs are special. It is so peaceful at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve as the night gives way to scarlet colors in the east. The air is usually misty, and the wetlands are filled with ghostly figures. As the sun begins to rise, Sandhill Cranes begin their rattled calls. Then one of the leaders leans forward and dozens of cranes leap to the sky. Then more and more groups begin their flight to the surrounding fields to forage. Best of all, Dr. Gary Ivey will be there to share his knowledge and answer your questions. Depending on weather and the Sandhill Cranes, your group will do some roving along Woodbridge Road to watch them as they are feeding. The early morning can be foggy so drive carefully. Woodbridge Road is narrow with deep canals along some stretches.

Dr. Ivey works with the International Crane Foundation as a Research Associate and is an expert on Sandhill Cranes in the Pacific Flyway. He has worked with wildlife for over 40 years, concentrating his work on waterbirds, waterfowl, and wetland conservation. He studied nesting ecology of Sandhill Cranes for his Master’s Thesis and wintering ecology of Sandhill Cranes for his PhD, both from Oregon State University.

TOUR TIME: 5:45 a.m. – 7:45 a.m.


A Lands Pass or hunting or fishing license is required for this tour. Click here  for more information about how to purchase a Lands Pass. You will be required to show your pass or license.

You may be interested in knowing that other Sandhill Crane tours are available during the fall and winter. For more information about California Department of Fish and Wildlife tours during the season go to this CDFW website. For information about Sandhill Crane tours through the Cosumnes River Preserve, chick here.

Adult: $45.00
Youth: $38.00
Child: $18.00

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Meet Dr. Ivey at Woodbridge Ecological Reserve SOUTH UNIT by 5:45 am. Don’t forget your Lands Pass.


Contact the Registration Coordinator in advance at if special accommodations are needed.


Cancellation Policy: Full refunds (minus a 3% processing fee) are available prior to a tour upon the customer’s request at A full refund is automatically issued for any events cancelled by the festival organizers.

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Dr. Gary Ivey
Research Associate
Gary Ivey works with the International Crane Foundation as a Research Associate and is an expert on Sandhill Cranes in the Pacific Flyway.

Check in with your guide at 5:45 a.m. at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve SOUTH UNIT parking lot.

The tour will end around 7:45, depending on the cranes and weather

It is best to dress in layers. The Delta can be very cool in the morning and evening, but quite warm in the afternoon.

There is no food or water available on this tour so participants are encouraged to bring a snack and a bottle of water if they like.

Yes, this tour requires a Lands Pass. For more information go to

Yes, it is a good idea to bring one or all of these.

There are pot-a-potties at Woodbridge Ecological 

The port-a-potties are handicap accessible

You will be driving, getting in and out of your car, and walking a short ways. You may have to walk on uneven ground and/or along narrow shoulders of the road

Parts of the tour is wheelchair accessible, but much is not

In general, it is not acceptable to bring dogs to the festival or on tours because they may interfere with other participants or disturb wildlife. Dogs are not allowed at the Cosumnes River preserve.

There are many insects, including mosquitos in the Delta, so long sleeve shirts and long pants are recommended. Insect repellent is recommended.

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