(18) Crane Fly-In Woodbridge Ecological Reserve South #3 – November 13, 2021

(18) Crane Fly-In Woodbridge Ecological Reserve South #3 – November 13, 2021



TIME: 3:50 p.m.

This year we are offering several sandhill crane fly-in tours before and after our regularly scheduled November festival. Local naturalists will provide a guided tour and answer questions.

At dusk, in large groups that can number from several hundred to several thousand, the cranes converge on the flooded fields to roost for the night. Often this spectacle of flight, vocalization and ground activity is back-dropped by stunning sunsets behind Mt. Diablo. Book this tour early, as it will undoubtedly fill up fast!

The purpose of these tours is to lessen the impact on the cranes by reducing the number of people viewing them at any one time. Also, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will probably not be able to offer free tours this year because of administrative limitations, so these LSCA tours will help fill that gap.

Attendance will be limited to those who register below. All adults and youth 16 and older are required to have a Lands Pass, or hunting license, or fishing license. A Lands Pass may be purchased at https://wildlife.ca.gov/licensing/lands-pass.

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Meet your guides at 3:15 p.m. at Woodbridge Ecological Reserve South at the west end of the parking lot, near the viewing mound.



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Children 12 and Under, Youth 13-17 Years Old, Adults 17 Years or Older

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