The 2021 LSCA Festival has been Modified Due to COVID

The Lodi Sandhill Crane Association (LSCA) has announced it has modified its Sandhill Crane Festival this November. All activities at Hutchins Street Square have been cancelled, so we are focusing on celebrating the season of the cranes. There will be scaled back in-person tours during October and November and an on-line art show. In addition, the Board is working on plans for virtual presentations and webinars.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic, planning for a fall festival has been deemed impractical. At the same time LSCA leaders are expanding outreach to provide information, generate interest and promote a healthy future for the iconic birds.

“While the two-day Festival has served as an exciting showcase for the wintering cranes, it has also concentrated considerable activity into a very short period” according to LSCA President Ken Nieland. “Limited capacity puts pressure on crane viewing sites … something that could be alleviated by celebrating the cranes throughout the entire five months that they overwinter in the Lodi area.”

Building a base of member support and engaging technology to expand its reach, LSCA leaders are developing new strategies for delivering information from conservation professionals, providing educational resources for students and teachers, encouraging wildlife artists and supporting opportunities for viewing the cranes.

LSCA is a volunteer driven not-for-profit charitable organization that was incorporated to oversee the 24 year-old Festival. Those interested in volunteering with LSCA are encouraged to contact the Board at (800) 581-6150 or email

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