Turner Road Vintners

turner road vintners for the birds eco friendly winery tour

Turner Road Vintners is located on Turner Road, between Interstate 5  and the railroad tracks. It is a sprawling complex, fronted by large ponds in a park-like setting. The diverse landscape provides habitat for a variety birds. The area is closed to the public, except for special occasions.

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November 7, 2021
Jim Dunn was the Festival’s 2015-featured photographer and one of the Festival’s most popular presenters.  He says, “Birds in the wild are an intriguing subject for any photographer.  Making beautiful photographs of wild birds places requirements on the photographer and his or her equipment that are very different.“ 
November 6, 2021
Turner Road Vintners continues to be a destination highlight among Festival goers. Its innovative eco-friendly water reclamation ponds have created a natural habitat for a variety of birds.
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