Get Involved & Volunteer

The Lodi Sandhill Crane Association is a non-profit, all volunteer, organization that is dedicated to educating the public about Sandhill Cranes and promoting the need for their conservation. If you are interested in joining us in this mission, we have many volunteer opportunities. Please consider one of these options.


LSCA Board of Directors

LSCA Board of Directors – meets quarterly (at a minimum) or monthly (as required), sets policy and oversees Association planning and programs.

  • Serve in an Association leadership position
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
  • Serve on the Lodi Sandhill Crane Association Board
    • Make policy decisions
    • Oversee budget
    • Set Association direction
  • Provide leadership
    • Plan special events
    • Oversee a subcommittee
    • Take on specific jobs for completion

LSCA Standing Committees

LSCA Standing Committees – members meet as required, may or may not be on the LSCA Board of Directors, report to the Board and focus on developing and implementing elements of the Association’s operations. These committees include:

  • Website Content Management
    • Maintain passwords and authorize content changes
    • Coordinate with the web designer if changes are needed
    • Train Board and committee members
  • Social Media
    • Make regular posts
    • Respond to comments and messages
    • Monitor social media effectiveness
  • Publicity and Promotion
    • Coordinate with news organizations
    • Develop advertisement materials
    • Take on specific jobs for completion
  • Finance
    • Maintain records
    • Monitor Association spending
    • Pay invoices
    • Make monthly financial reports
  • Sponsor Development
    • Contact potential sponsors
    • Communicate with sponsors
  • Risk Management
    • Communicate with insurance companies
    • Develop and maintain risk management policies
  • Educational Services
    • Plan Student education activities
    • Coordinate with the CDF&W docent education program
    • Coordinate student art opportunities
    • Plan adult education opportunities
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
    • Organize the membership outreach program
    • Monitor membership
    • Procure membership benefit items
    • Do mailings to members
    • Printing of membership materials
  • Events Coordinator
    • Plan events during the year
    • Recruit volunteers for events
    • Secure venues for events
    • Recruit speakers for events
    • Organize dinners/picnics/field trips/etc.


The Lodi Sandhill Crane Association needs your help! Volunteer today!

Sandhill Crane Festival Steering Committee

Sandhill Crane Festival Steering Committee – a team of subcommittees that meet monthly to plan and implement the annual Sandhill Crane Festival held the first full weekend in November.

Festival Subcommittees

Awards Dinner
Merchandise Sales
Silent Auction
Poster Distribution
Festival Artist
Opinion Survey

Exhibit Hall
Art Show
Facility Liason

Cranium Children’s Activities
Tour Registration
Festival Volunteers
Speakers and Presenters
Festival Signs & Banners
And More

Festival Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer for a few hours at the festival or other event.
    • Registration table, art show, merchandise table, introduce presenters, etc.
  • Supervise an activity during the festival or event.
    • Registration, tour launch, student activities, etc.
  • Lead a tour related to cranes and wildlife.
    • Bus, hikes, birding, boat, fly-in tours, etc.
  • Make a presentation or lead a workshop during the festival or event
  • Serve as the Audio Visual coordinator
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