Festival Artist

Festival Artist Overview

Each year the Festival Committee selects an image (photograph or fine art) that is featured on tee-shirts, publicity pieces, brochures, the website and in other ways as determined by the Committee. The artist of that image is designated as the Festival Artist and the original art work is prominently displayed at the Art Show.

2023 Festival Artist - Kathy Kleinsteiber

Kathy Kleinsteiber loves the calm that she finds in nature and the excitement of a chance encounter with wildlife. As a nature artist, she likes to focus on the everyday plants and animals she sees along the trail. She wants to bring attention to those elements of nature that everyone might be able to discover for themselves and which are often overlooked.

Kathy hopes to inspire others to see the fragile beauty of the Earth and to see the need to actively protect it. In this world of ever-present threats to our beautiful planet and the species that reside here, Kathy wants her artwork to help create awareness to the need for providing solutions to these most pressing issues.

While art is for humans and generally depicts some aspect of the human condition, Kathy likes to remember that life on this Earth is not all about us. She wants to communicate that we are not alone in this world and that other species call this beautiful planet home.

Kathy is a signature member of the international organization Artists for Conservation and has had artwork in their internationally touring annual exhibit every year since 2018. Kathy was honored to be chosen as the AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for June, 2023.

Kathy’s artwork has been featured in museums and galleries throughout Northern California, the U. S. West and beyond, including internationally. Her artwork was chosen for inclusion in the permanent collection of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and is in private collections throughout the country. Kathy is deeply honored to be the featured artist of this year’s Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival.

Click here to see a gallery of works by Kathy Kleinseiber.

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