Festival Artist

Festival Artist Overview

Each year the Festival Committee selects an image (photograph or fine art) that is featured on tee-shirts, publicity pieces, brochures, the website and in other ways as determined by the Committee. The artist of that image is designated as the Festival Artist and the original art work is prominently displayed at the Art Show.

2022 Festival Artist - Garry Everett

Garry Everett is a self-taught photographer, currently residing in West Sacramento, that specializes in landscape/nature photography. His interest in photography came a later in life and was sparked while travelling on vacations and business to various locations around the USA and abroad. Photography allows him the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the remarkable world we live in. It provides a sense of escape from the plugged-in, modern and hectic lifestyle we live today. He particularly finds sunrise a very peaceful time of the day, witnessing nature’s diversity as the new day begins. Often only with his own thoughts, this routine that never gets old. It has become a passion through photography to capture and share this peaceful beauty and the sense of awe he experiences while trying to create that single unique moment in time. His hope is that you will be inspired to go out and explore this amazing planet we live on.


Garry’s work has been featured in printed publications (Outdoor Photographer, Southport Neighbors, NANPA Expressions, etc.) and online web sites (National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Share the View, NANPA, etc.). He also displays and sells his work at select local art festivals in the surrounding area.



Phone: (530) 574-6915

Web Site:

Facebook: gelandscapephoto

Instagram: garryeverett

Click on this photo to see a gallery of photos by Garry Everett.

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