Woodbridge Ecological Reserve – South

The Woodbridge Ecological Reserve is located on Woodbridge Road, two miles west of Interstate 5. It is sometimes referred to as the Phil Isenberg Sandhill Crane Reserve. The North Unit is made up of 207 acres of grassland and flooded marsh. It is not open to the public, except for guided tours that are arranged with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The South Unit is made up of 147 acres of flooded marsh and is open to the public. Parking and a viewing area is available to anyone holding a Lands Pass or a current hunting or fishing license.

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At dusk, in large groups that can number from several hundred to several thousand, the cranes converge on the flooded fields to roost for the night. Often this spectacle of flight, vocalization and ground activity is back-dropped by stunning sunsets behind Mt. Diablo.
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