Cosumnes River Preserve

The Cosumnes River Preserve is located on Franklin Boulevard between Thornton and Twin Cities Road. It consists of over 50,000 acres and is managed by multiple agencies. The area is made up of riparian forest, open flooded marshes, rice fields, and grasslands. There is a visitor center, 4 miles of trails, a ┬╝ mile long boardwalk into the marsh, and access to the Cosumnes River from a launching dock for kayaks and canoes. Much of the preserve is not open to the public unless on a guided tour. This Preserve is a major stopover for migratory birds along the Pacific-flyway.

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November 5, 2022
Join Mary DuBose for an interpretive walk around this incredible preserve. You will likely see a diverse selection of ducks, geese, shore birds, raptors, and woodland birds. Sandhill Cranes are also commonly found along the edges of the marsh lands. This region was inhabited by the Miwok tribe prior to the arrival of European settle
November 6, 2022
This year we have a unique opportunity to experience the Tall Forest at the Cosumnes River Preserve. Dr. John Trochet, a well-known field ornithologist, will lead you deep into one of the finest riparian habitats left in California. There you will see a rich variety of up to 90 resident and seasonal bird species.
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